• Infrastructure
    Through dozens of public and private sector projects across the country,
    SHS helped build Infrastructure for several Egyptian Governorates
  • Turnkey
    With over 80 years of specialist and general experience in construction and contracting,
    we have constantly delivered top-quality services to the Egyptian market.


Infrastructure Projects

With over 80 years of diverse experience ranging from infrastructure work for the High Dam and Lake Nasser to building water treatment plants all across Egypt to installing the pipelines serving the new Egyptian capital, SHS knows how to build infrastructure that will last.

Electromechanical Projects

SHS is sought after by clients on often difficult and specialized tasks due to its unparalleled knowledge and experience on certain Electromechancial projects ranging from non-disruptive piping work to large scale resort area interconnected work.

Turnkey Projects

SHS grew from a small-scale construction contractor over the decades to become the full-service construction firm it is today. SHS has been delivering full turnkey projects ranging from factories to large resorts and real estate projects for decades.

Brands We Represent



The world leader in plastic and heat processing technology, Leister is the first choice for specialists in the respective fields.

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Buckleys (URVAL)

Buckleys (UVRAL)

Buckleys' DC Holiday Detectors, Coatings Testers, AC Spark Testers, cathodic protection survey equipment, flat roof leak detection equipment

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For more than 65 years Genap has specialised in geosynthetic applications in the horticultural and agricultural sectors and for civil projects.

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A relative newcomer in the field of plastic welding, Weldy was established by Leister in 1997. Weldy products were created to complement the Leister p...

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our history

Established in 1934 in downtown Cairo, SHS has it’s roots in the Egyptian construction, contracting and industrial equipments businesses. We have unparalleled experience acquired through decades of hard work, perseverance and knowledge of the Egyptian markets.

Our Values

Growing from a small family business, SHS maintained it’s core values as it grew over the decades. Above all, we appreciate our team and know that investment in the SHS family is the most important factor for our success. We also know the value of trust, cooperation and maintaining close customer relations in our operations. Our work generally has the focus of community development and we know the value of investment in our country’s infrastructure.

Specialty Experience

In addition to having extensive experience delivering full service construction projects, SHS has decades of specialist experience delivering challenging and unique projects. Our specialist experience includes projects ranging from large scale pipeline assembly for cities and towns to micro-tunneling and soil injection projects to non-disruptive electromechanical work for five star hotels and factories.

Our Strategic International Trading Business

SHS is proud to represent leading global companies that serve the Egyptian markets and go hand-in-hand with our corporate vision. Representing the world leaders in Plastic Welding and Heat Process technology in Leister and Weldy as well as waterproof solutions in Genap, our companies are the market leaders in their respective fields.


  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company
  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company
  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company
  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company
  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company
  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company


Hacienda Bay
OUD ( Orientals Urban Developments)
New Egyptian Capital
Palm Hills
Applicators Syndicate
Hilton Hotels
Harmony Makadi Bay
Alexandria CIty Centre
Majid Al Futtaim
Ritz-Carlton Hotels


A trusted and respected name within the Egyptian contracting and construction industries, SHS prides itself with over 80 years of experience in delivering top-quality goods and services in the Egyptian market.